PT. INDESCO Industrial Services

INDESCO is a globally-experienced Indonesia company that specializes in developing, financing and implementing energy efficiency projects at industrial process facilities. INDESCO can provide all capital for its energy efficiency projects under a Shared Savings structure whereby the facility owner pays a share of its realized savings from the project for 5 to 10 years. BENEFITS to Industrial facility owners from INDESCO’s Shared Savings structure include:
− No upfront Capital Cost for new energy efficient technologies installed in their plant.
− Payment made from reduced operating costs
− No financial risk for the Development, Implementation and Performance of energy efficiency projects
− Reductions of operating costs and GHG emissions from EEPs are transparently measured through application of the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP).
− At end of the ESPC term, ownership of energy efficiency projects assets is transferred to the Facility Owner at no cost and 100% of savings are retained.
The INDESCO Advantage:
− Unparalleled technical and financial energy energy efficiency projects expertise with deep experience in industrial process facilities
− Other implementation and financing options, such as leasing and Build, Own, Operate & Transfer, can also be provided.


Alamanda Tower 22D FL JI.TB Simatupang Kav, 23-24 Jakarta Selatan 12430

Telp.: 0878 7658 5005



Developing, financing and implementing energy efficiency projects in industrial facilities on an Energy Savings Performance Contracting (“ESPC”) basis.