Investment Guide Book “New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation” 2017

From the preface:

“Within the current decade, the need of energy is already immense. Energy efficiency is a necessary attempt to increase Indonesia’s competitiveness at an international stage. The fulfillment of Indonesia’s massive energy demand requires the participation of the government and all levels of society. Efficientand optimal energy utilization will directly enhance Indonesia’s national energy security.

Indonesia’s government participation in greenhouse gasses emission reduction is performed by increasing clean energy utilization. Clean energy utilization is able to reduce emission resulting from the fossil fuel usage. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are one of the solutions in increasing clean energy usage which resulted in the declination of greenhouse gas emission.

This guide book is arranged to facilitate general public, stakeholders, potential investor, and the government in obtaining information concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy investment in Indonesia.

As a guidebook for investors to know Indonesia’s real condition, opportunities and challenges of investing, this book can be used as the preliminary information before investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Indonesia.”

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