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As a fast developing nation of more than 260 million people. Indonesia faces huge challenges towards satisfying its ever growing hunger for energy.

Fortunately Indonesia’s renewable energy and energy efficiency potentials are very promising; to date Indonesia’s RE contribution to the total mix lies at only 5 to 6%, of which Hydropower and Geothermal contribute more than 70%.

The Indonesian government has therefore committed to an ambitious renewable energy target, planning for a 23% share of RE by 2025, plus promoting energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption 17% from business as usual and attain energy elasticity lower than ONE.

Ir. Rida Mulyana

To support the development of renewable energy, the Directorate General of EBTKE, in cooperation with Denmark, created LINTAS in 2016 as THE gateway to renewable energy in Indonesia.

Ir. Rida Mulyana

Direktur Jenderal EBTKE 2017

Lintas MISSION statement

Provide quality information and tools on clean energy

Facilitate contacts and interactions between investors and other stakeholders

Enhance cooperation with partners of EBTKE

Promote clean energy in Indonesia

Provide integrated public service

Lintas is envisioned to become THE most credible platform about clean energy in Indonesia.

LINTAS acts as an interface between the various stakeholders, to realise the proper participation and awareness of the private sector and the smooth collaboration with the central and local governments.

Lintas network

In the near future the main task is to balance the renewable energy mix by accelerating the development of solar, wind and bio energy.

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